Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

The Wedding Soap

Sorry, I haven't been posting for a while since I was really busy getting myself a beautiful white dress that I only wear for one day in my life ... also finding a band, choosing a caterer, finding a DJ, deciding drinks & dinner and most important (for me): what kind of present I'll have for my guests. However, wasn't that clear as daylight what this will be :-)

Additionally, I made around 90 white soaps - 7 different variations in fragrances. The shape is a little bit uncommon but I needed the soap to stand stable on the table wearing a name tag for the person sitting on this seat. It may not be the best shape for rubbing the soap within your hands, however, the soap can be cut in the middle and then it's easy-to-use shape.

I really liked all fragrances and when it came up to seating the people and writing the name tags it was a special event to choose the soap for the special person. Let's try to match soap and essential oil or fragrance oil mixture:

dark red rose (top left): fragrance oil rose
chrysanthemum (top right): petitgrain, rosemary & neroli
myosotis sylvatica (middle left): lavender, rosewood & litsea cubeba essential oils
pink flower (middle middle): fragrance oil heather from gracefruit
pink rose (middle right): geranium, palmarosa, orange & sandalwood essential oils
jasmine (bottom left): lemongrass, sandalwood & bergamot essential oils
lavender (bottom right): lavender, orange & neroli essential oils

 OILS  30% coconut oil, 30% olive oil, 16% cocoa butter, 10% rice bran oil, 10% sufflower oil & 4% castor oil
 LYE   20% water, 6% superfat
 ADDITIVES  citric acid
 SCENT  as described above
 COLOR   titanium dioxide
 DATE  between March 11th and April 4th in 2017

As a flower decoration we had field flowers my friends Tania & Micha and her daughter picked and decorated a day before the wedding. The combined scent of the field flowers and the soaps was amazing!

There are few things to mention that made me really happy: first of all, we both said YES! and second, there were only one soap left when the room was cleaned up at 4 o'clock in the morning, that soap had the name of my husband on it, he was to busy with other things than taking care of his soap :-)

Finally, there are few questions not answered: why did I write this post in English? I have no idea, it came up in my had just like this. A while ago, I have been living for one year within the U.S. and sometimes I really miss talking English. If anyone complains I'll write a translation immediately!!
I did some other soaps within the last month that I'll post soon and right now I do some research and testings in bubble bath. 


  1. Liebe Diane,
    zuallererst von ganzem Herzen die besten Glückwünsche!!!
    Ich freu mich mit dir, dass dieser euer Tag so wunderbar geklappt hat. Und deinem Mann sei es verziehen, dass er in all dem Tohuwabohu seine Seife nicht eingesteckt hat.
    Deine Seifen sind traumhaft - offensichtlich genauso wie euer großer Tag. Das schlichte Weiß, das Spitzenkleidchen, die wunderbaren Blumenblüten als Topping und auch die Duftkompositionen klingen wunderbar - wahrlich würdig für so einen Anlass und ein tolles Gastgeschenk.
    Ich wünsche euch alles Liebe und Gute für die Zukunft und euren gemeinsamen Lebensweg!!! ♥♥♥
    Liebe Grüße, Christiane

    PS: Es ist hoffentlich okay, dass ich in Deutsch antworte?
    PPS: Die Wiesenblumen als Tischdeko sind absolut zauberhaft.

    1. Liebe Christiane,
      vielen dank für deine Glückwünsche und deine liebe Nachricht! Ich freue mich immer wenn du mir schreibst, selbstverständlich egal in welcher Sprache!
      Alles Liebe Diane