Samstag, 21. September 2019

Pipe Divider Swirl - Soap Challenge

This month the pipe divider technique was practiced on the soap challenge club and I have to mention that this is a really great technique. Especially when it come to the swirling ... isn't it just the best when swirling in a slab mold that you can see the swirl you'll get immediately?

I did three attempts for the advanced category that allows only natural colorants (without any oxides, also titanium dioxide) and essential oils. My first attempt was the yellow, white, grey and black soap. Sorry, I didn't make any picture of my second attempt that was quite similar to my first. I really like my first attempt too but chose the third since I really like how that alkanet root infused oil turned out.

I uploaded a making-of video on YouTube:

Additionally, here are the facts to my soap, in short:

I put three times 30g of olive oil from the recipe (40% olive oil, 26% coconut oil, 10% sweet almond oil, 10% rice bran oil, 7% cocoa butter and 3% sheabutter) aside to incorporate:

4g of activated charcoal for the black,
17g of coptis powder for the yellow and
30g kaolin clay for the white.

Additionally, I replaced 200g of my oils by 220g of alcanet root infused olive oil (I had to do some math for that). I used a tea bag to strain the infused oil.

The soap is scented with the following essential oils:
13g Litsea Cubeba
7g Bitter orange and 
4g Rosewood

Since I incorporated every color with the stick blender I had to work fast - the swirl worked quite well!

I really liked the surface of the soap but planed the soap for the final picture that you can see on the top of the blog post.

That was a fun challenge, I really love that swirl and I'm excited to see all the entries. I already saw some on instagram and find lots of entries sooooo gorgeous!

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Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch!

Alles Liebe, Diane

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  1. Such a beautiful design! I love the rich colors you achieved with natural colorants. I had never heard of coptis powder, so I had to look that one up. It is a very bright yellow! I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge - definitely satisfying to see the swirls!

    1. Thank you Amy for your nice comment! I used the Coptis powder for the first time for the pipe divider swirl, I got it from to Test it in CP soap. It‘s easy to work with and makes a sparkled look when you use a lot of it - like in this batch. I used less in my first attempt and the color is more like a neon yellow without any sparkles!
      I‘m looking forward to see all entries, it‘s always so exciting, Diane

  2. Wonderful! Great use of natural colors - now I want to look up coptis powder!

  3. This is just lovely! this is one of my favourite ones for the challenge!

  4. A very pretty soap. Very elegant.

  5. Wow! These are so incredibly vibrant! You did such an amazing job with your colorants, and that swirl is spectacular! Now I must add coptis to my list of colorants to try!

    1. Thank you so much Debi! I have to test the Coptis soap if the foam get‘s yellow - the silikon mold kept the color a little bit!